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    Silver Ballet Dress And Reverse Jacket

    Giorgia Jo Button Trim Embossed Flared Dress

    Available in bespoke colours to coordinate any outfit perfectly

    Champagne Beau Belt 💞

    Yellow/Lime Swarovski Crystal Embellished Halo


    Timeless and classic styles. Our ethos is that our customers should look elegant from head to toe.

    Tunic Dress with Lemon Print

    Feminine Maxi Dress with Eyelet Lace

    Marc Cain

    Scarf with Silk

    Delicate square scarf in pure silk. This sophisticated silk scarf is decorated with mixed prints of exotic jungle motifs and animal patterns. The edges are hemmed in high-quality stitching and accentuated with a green-coloured stripe.

    Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm

    ♡ 100% silk

    0H 1N 2N 32 4P_

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